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On Wednesday, I was asking my students if I had failed somehow because I try to teach them to be fabulous people as well as fabulous performers but somehow they missed that memo. Then behold, on Thursday they were complete angels. There was kindness and sharing. There was joy over costumes and love all around. The show went well and they were amazingly cute and did a fantastic job and the world is as it should be. I have no idea if this is because I did something right or Wednesday was just a miserable, hot and crabby day. All I can say is that once the kids had made peace, they absolutely glowed together. Mission accomplished.

Next week will be the last in the current 4-week session. We start up a new session after that, which will be sparse for me, but that's okay. I'll live. I'm planning next year's camps with more lead time, so we can actually advertise this time around. As everyone keeps saying "ZOMG if I had known about this awesomeness, I'd have signed up!!" Well, it's time for them to know. 

This evening, I went to a performance of Aladdin which featured two of my students. No, this isn't Disney's Aladdin. This is a play for kids with different music and more characters, although the Disney influence is in there. My students were the villain and one of the featured ladies in waiting to the princess. They were both awesome and their singing was some of the best in the show. I was very very pleased.

Next week, I'll see another student in Oklahoma. I bought tickets today, after putting it off for a week because between seeing shows and rehearsing a show, and directing a show, I have no life. I angst over whether I will end up with conflicts between my schedule and the kids' events, since it would not be the first time I've been too overbooked to see them. Trouble is, it means a lot to them if I show up, so that means I have to make the effort and put off Harry Potter for another weekend.


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