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At this moment in time, my mother is not speaking to my sister. My sister has no idea that mom isn't speaking to her, because it isn't as if you can call a person up to tell them that you aren't speaking to them. This means that Mom can't answer the phone, just in case it's my sister calling because she'd have to hand the phone over to one of us right away, so that we could explain to my sister that Mom isn't speaking to her. I think psycho-sis may have some clue that something is up, because she had her hubby call in earlier to give us a status report on their return home. He called around 4pm, about the time when they were supposed to get home from their Disneyland trip, to tell us that they were about to have dinner and then they would be driving back home. You see the rule is that you have to bring someone into this world in order to take them out, so brother-in-law is safe from our parents. My folks won't be looking for an iPhone app that will make his phone detonate mid-conversation, likely blowing off his ear. So, now we get to wait for her to call, so I can tell her that Mom isn't speaking to her, with Mom standing over me, telling me all the reasons why she isn't speaking to my sister, which my sister will hear because Mom will be yelling. Yeah. Can't. Wait. "Hi Psyco-sis... no, you can't talk to Mom, because she's not speaking to you... yeah, well she would have called and told you herself, but she's not speaking to you. I'm sure you can understand her difficulty in this matter..."


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