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I actually managed to somehow have all the music for yesterday's recital learned and, where appropriate, memorized. I challenged myself to do a new aria along with the tricky duet (I still don't know how I learned it) and the new translation and cuts for the Impresario trio. I figure there's a lesson in this somewhere, namely that learning music isn't a problem if I make it a priority. This stuff only becomes an issue when I decide that goofing off should be my focus in life. They really need to sit everyone down at their music school auditions to say "You know how everyone has time for family and fun and just sitting back and chillin'? You won't be having that. You won't be having that ever. Consider yourself lucky if you see one episode of the latest TV show over a six month period because if you are actually in your house, sitting in a chair during prime time then your career just hit the crapper. Sorry about that." Even if I'm not at rehearsal in the evening, I know that I have shit to do that will keep me away from the latest episode of (fill in whatever people watch these days since I haven't watched actual normal television in well over three years... maybe longer... oh crap... not since Buffy was on Tuesdays. I have no life.)

Today, I did the last edit on the recital dialogue. I lost my Sarastro and had to move a couple songs because the pacing was bugging me. The pages are now printed and ready to go into the binder. Then I entered "I am the captain of the Pinafore" into Finale so that I could move all the voices into treble and then I dropped the key from A to G to save myself the whining about the high As which aren't even that high. Seriously.

Tomorrow, I am entering my little bit of "A British Tar is a soaring soul" into Finale and putting together a hat for Cousin Pheobe. I also need to find the captain's hat. Then I'll fix a typo or three in the Pinafore music, re-print the messed up pages and we're ready to go with Pinafore. If I have time, I'll start in on the bits of the Flute Quintet that need to be fixed and I'm expecting that the book for the accompanist will be ready on Tuesday.

Tuesday night, I'll be making the lock for Papagena's mouth and assembling the Papageno/Papagena hats. I'll most like get the queen's crown and the ladies hairpieces done then as well. The ship's wheel may or may not get put together on Wednesday morning. By Thursday afternoon, everything will be complete and loaded into the car. Then all I have to do is rehearse for the next couple of days until we perform on Sunday.

After that, I can start planning out the program for my own recital in October and thinking about recording a CD.
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